Renting Your Guest House Out? Save On Energy Costs This Summer!

Renting your guest house out as a summer vacation rental is an effective way to create a passive income that allows you to work less and spend more of the season enjoying yourself with family and friends. You'll likely find that your energy costs go up while guests are staying in the rental during the warm months, which can decrease your profit margins when all is said and done.

You can always increase your rental rates to help make up for the extra energy expenses you incur during each occupancy, but this can inhibit your ability to effectively compete with other guest house rental options that are available in your area. Luckily, there are alternative ways to save yourself some money on energy – you should experience great results by implementing these ideas:

Be Good to the Air Conditioner

It is essential to schedule an appointment with your HVAC technician from a company like Enright and Sons to have the air conditioner serviced right before the summer season. This process will help ensure optimal performance while guests are visiting and reduce wear and tear to save you money on your energy bills throughout the season. Regular servicing will likely reduce the need for expensive repairs throughout the years and should extend the life of your air conditioning system overall.

In addition to professional servicing, take the time to clean your guest home's air conditioning filters once a month. Before cleaning the filters, check with your service technician to determine what kind of filters your HVAC uses. If they're reusable, you can wipe them clean with a clean damp cloth so air flow is always clean and safe when guests are occupying the space. If the dirt doesn't come off with a light wipe, soak the filters in warm soapy water for about ten minutes before wiping them down. If your filters are disposable, you should have your technician replace them altogether once every three months or so.  

Update the Windows

By installing solar insulation film on each of your guest home's windows, you'll not only keep interior temperatures optimal with minimal reliance on the air conditioner, but you will also likely save money on energy costs, and your guests will enjoy less glare while spending time indoors. In addition, the insulation film will protect the home's flooring, walls, and furniture from harmful UV rays and reduce their chance of fading. Window insulation film comes in a myriad of colors as well as a variety of designs and textures that can help you create a unique look that increases curb appeal and attracts potential guests.

Give Guests Some Ground Rules

Another effective way to minimize energy consumption among guests and to keep costs down throughout the summer months is to set some ground rules for each occupant to agree to during their stay. Include the rules in your rental contract so occupants are fully aware of your expectations and understand any consequences that come along with breaking the rules. Including them in the contract also requires your guests to sign off on the rules, indicating that they fully understand them and acknowledging that they agree to follow them. Consider including these rules with a list of your own:

  • Lights should remain off unless in rooms where guests are actually present.
  • A radio should be used for background noise throughout the night as opposed to a television.
  • Available ceiling and table fans should be utilized to cool off before turning the air conditioner on – and the air conditioner should be turned off at night whenever temperatures permit.

Straight forward and unobtrusive, these rules should produce some positive results when you consider the money you've saved on energy throughout the summer.

These tips and tricks are sure to help save you money on the extra energy costs associated with managing a vacation rental.