Easy Air Conditioning System Maintenance

It is very nice to be able to come home on a hot July day and turn up the air conditioning. Unfortunately, it seems as if these are the exact situations when the air conditioning system fails. It can be miserable to be stuck in a hot house waiting for the technicians to make it to your home. There are a few ways to keep your air conditioning unit working properly, and these methods are quick and easy. You will be able to do them with just a few hours time. Here are some quick and easy ways to keep your air conditioning running properly.

Air Ducts

A very common problem with air conditioning systems is a blockage of flow in the air ducts. This can occur when dust and mold build up around corners in the system. Rodents building nests can also cause a block in your air ducts. No matter what the reason for your ducts to be blocked it is important to get them cleaned up. For the most part you will be able to stick a powerful vacuum down the duct and get the debris. This does not take very long, and can be very effective. It is recommended that every other year a professional clean out the air ducts.

Air Compressor

If you are having problems with the air conditioning unit in your home, you may want to check the compressor in the yard. There is a very good chance that there is debris in the compressor. You will first want to clear all debris from inside the compressor, and make sure that all the fins are straight. This will allow air to flow freely through the compressor. It is also very important that the compressor is completely level. If the unit is not level then the coolant is not going to be able to flow properly through the compressor, and the air in your home might be more muggy and warm.


You may go over the air conditioning system a few times and not find anything wrong. A very common problem with air conditioning units not kicking on properly is that the thermostat is broken. If the thermostat is broken then it will not be effective in turning on the air conditioning unit. A thermostat may need to be replaced or it may just need to be calibrated, but checking your thermostat is very important.   

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