3 Service Providers To Hire For Your New Vacation Home

Now that you've decided to purchase a vacation home, it's time to start thinking about how you'll manage the property when you aren't living there. Here are three services providers you should hire right away for optimized convenience and to ensure proper maintenance:

A Property Manager

Most people never think of hiring a property manager unless they plan to rent their dwelling out to tenants or travelers, but there are many things a property manager can do for vacation home owners to make ownership more enjoyable and convenient overall.

Not only will a property manager check on your place regularly to make sure it's stays in good condition and doesn't get vandalized, but they can manage the aspects of home ownership you can't handle when not spending time there.

For instance, they'll make sure that your newspaper and mail gets picked up on a weekly basis, they'll ensure that your lawn gets mowed once a month, and they will be there to let pest control specialists or repair technicians in when necessary.

A Carpet Cleaner

If you don't plan to spend more than half of your time at your new vacation home, it's a good idea to consider hiring a carpet cleaner to go in and steam clean your carpets once every three months or so while you're away. This will help ensure that they don't collect moisture from the air while your home is sealed up and locked, and will minimize the amount of mold, mildew, and pollen that builds up in your carpeting over time. To get the best results, look for a service provider who is able and willing to clean your curtains and cloth furniture during each visit.

A Plumbing Contractor

One of the most important service providers you can have on your side as a vacation home owner is a plumbing contractor. They'll go to your home and insulate your exterior pipes before winter hits, they'll clean your septic tank and lines while you're away, and they'll keep an eye on your interior plumbing to ensure that it works properly when you are spending time at the house.

You can have your plumber inspect your pipes once a month or once a year depending on how often you'll be around, but most importantly, you'll be able to call on someone who knows your property, home, and plumbing system well when something goes wrong so you can have peace of mind in knowing that it's well taken care of even when you aren't there to do it yourself.