Three Things That May Make Your Dishwasher Malfunction

A dishwasher can be a convenient timesaver, especially for large families and when you have a lot of visitors. But if the dishwasher isn't draining properly or cleaning the dishes thoroughly, it can be more trouble than it is worth. Here are a few common things that can frequently go wrong with your dishwasher.

The Door Won't Latch

A well-used dishwasher often has its latch break once it gets older. Sometimes, it is just that the latch has worn down, but the problem can also be electrical. Either way, the machine won't work at all if it isn't completely latched. 

To repair this issue, you need to replace the latch. The latch assembly replacement part includes the electronic micro-switch that relays to the dishwasher's control board. This is important to note if the latch still physically works but the censor fails to recognize it.

While replacing the latch assembly is an easy enough job if you are reasonably mechanically inclined, it does require the main power supply to be cut before doing so. It might be a better idea to hire professional plumber services

The Dishwasher Won't Drain

This is most likely a problem for a professional to handle. It may be that the unit needs a new motor or a new drain pump. It may be that the flapper over the drain is stuck or the drain is clogged. It could be a bad solenoid if your particularly model has one.

The dishwasher drain is located partially in the sink and partially in the dishwasher itself. Trying to figure out where the problem lies and ordering the right part is more trouble than it's worth for most people. It may not even be worth fixing and it's time for a new one. If your dishwasher won't drain, skip wasting time trying to figure it out and just call a plumber.

The Dishwasher Is Leaking

Obviously, this is not a good problem to have, especially if you don't become aware of it until it makes a big mess or even water damages your home. This issue can be a matter of a gasket not sealing properly. It may also be caused by a failing water pump.

A gasket that has become dry and brittle won't be able to seal the door as tightly as it needs to be. If you can see that it is obviously old and cracked, that is your likely problem. A gasket is easy enough to replace by yourself, but if you suspect it to be the water pump instead, it's best to call a plumber rather than try to figure it out on your own.