Know What To Check When Troubleshooting Your Air Conditioning Unit

When your home is equipped with an air conditioning system, forced-air is used to cool off your home. The forced-air essentially flows through your home through the ventilation system from the main HVAC unit. There are several mechanisms that work together for the air conditioning system to work correctly. The blower unit, ductwork system, and motor have to be functional for the air conditioner to properly cool off your home. Consider performing maintenance checks regularly on your air conditioner to prevent it from breaking down. The information listed below provides some tips on how to troubleshoot your air conditioning unit:

Filters For Your Air Conditioning System One thing you should check over when troubleshooting your air conditioning unit, is to ensure that the air ducts are cleaned. The dirt will block the flow of air by attaching to the coils in the condenser of your air conditioner. When this happens, it can prevent excess dirt from gathering in the ducts and blocking the airflow. The dirt and debris can also cause the entire air conditioning unit to malfunction because, in order to cool off your home, the motor has to work harder, which can cause it to break down. For this reason, you should clean or replace all filters located in your main air conditioning unit. This process will also prevent possible allergens such as dust mites from flowing through the duct system and in the air of your home.

Condensers For Your Air Conditioning System The main condenser for your air conditioning unit is typically located outside on the side or at the back of your home. This is the main processor that works to push cool air throughout your home. However, for the condenser to function properly, you have to keep the area around it clear of all obstructions, including dirt and debris. When the area around the condenser isn't clear, it's possible for tree roots, weeds, and overgrown grass to block the ventilation of the condenser and prevent it from functioning properly. As a result, this will stop the cold air from flowing through your home. For this reason, it's essential that the area is cleaned regularly, removing all foreign objects from around the base of the unit. Also, you should also remove the top of the condenser and vacuum out all dirt and debris with a hand vac.

If you are not sure how to go about performing these troubleshooting steps, consider consulting a contractor like Pell City Heating & Cooling Inc.