Eliminating Hot And Cold Spots In The House

Uneven heating, which leaves you with cold and hot spots in the house, is an annoying problem caused by various malfunctions or mistakes. Here are some of the ways you can overcome these things and eliminate uneven heating or cooling and air conditioning repair:

Seal the Air Ducts and the Home

Poor insulation is a common cause of uneven heating in the house. This is because if the air ducts are not properly insulated, they will be losing air conditioned or heated air thereby leaving the areas the ducts were supposed to either too hot or too cold. In case the ducts are properly sealed but the house isn't, you may lose conditioned air through the uninsulated areas of the house or have some areas of the house heated up by heat from the sun. All of these problems can be solved by having both the air ducts and the house properly sealed.

Open Up the Air Registers

Even if your house and air ducts are properly sealed, you can still experience uneven heating if the air registers are blocked. Carelessly placed furniture pieces, forgotten toys or even debris can block some of the air registers. This means some areas of the house will not experience heated or conditioned air. Fortunately, the solution is as simple as opening up the blocked registers.

Use the Right Size of HVAC for Your House

Sizing is an important thing when it comes to HVAC system operations. In fact, there is no size that fits all residential houses; each house should get an HVAC that fits its needs. If the unit you have is too big for your house, it will heat or cool some areas of the house too fast, leading to uneven heating and cooling. If you have an undersized unit, it will take a long time to heat or cool all corners of the house, leading to the same problem. Keep this in mind when replacing your HVAC system.

Invest in a Zoning System

Lastly, it may also be advisable to invest in a zoning HVAC system. This is even more advisable if you have a house with different heating or cooling needs; for example, if you have an extremely cold basement that does not need to be heated at the same rate as the rest of the house. A zoning HVAC system ensures that each area of the house is heated or cooled independently, which increases the efficiently of heating and eliminates uneven heating and cooling.