Four Reasons Why You Cannot Install Commercial A/C Yourself

Installing a home air conditioning system yourself is one thing, especially if you opt for a system that requires no refrigerant. Installing commercial air conditioning is entirely another. For commercial air conditioning services, you definitely need an HVAC contractor and a team of assisting technicians. Here is why.

Every Commercial A/C Unit Has to Sit on a Level Surface

These units have to sit on a level surface. That level surface is always supplied by a slab of concrete, poured by a professional concrete contractor. Sure, you could pour the concrete yourself, but do you know how to make absolutely certain that the slab is level? The commercial A/C units rely on a perfectly level surface, or they cannot function properly. If you are off by a centimeter, the machine will tilt and internal parts will rattle. That is not what you want.

The Weight of a Commercial Air Conditioner Could Crush You

Commercial air conditioners weigh anywhere from three tons up to twenty-five tons. Clearly, there is no way you could even budge such a humongous appliance, let alone pick it up and install it. These machines have to be brought to your commercial site via special flatbed freight trucks. Then the machines have to be hooked up and hoisted into the air off the trucks by a crane. That is definitely not a DIY job!

Lots of Volts and Kilowatts

A commercial A/C unit has to cool a massive structure several tens of thousands of square feet. To do that, it needs a lot of electricity. To get that electricity, it has to be connected to the nearest heavy duty power source, which will supply the machine with lots of volts and some major kilowatts, enough volts and watts to kill a human. Chances are, you are no master electrician, and you have no working knowledge on how to connect something of this magnitude to a power source.

Rotating Fans as Big as Your Body

Inside each of these humongous machines are fans. The fans direct hot air out and help cool air coming in. They spin quite rapidly in order to manage the magnitude of their job. If you were to step inside the box itself while a fan is running, you could get sucked in and chopped up. An HVAC contractor knows how to turn the machine off, and/or switch off these huge fans, prior to walking inside the box before performing any repair or maintenance services. 

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