3 Common HVAC Repairs

Maintaining a healthy heating system requires a little bit of vigilance and care. That is, you want to keep an eye on a few of the most important components in your system to make sure that everything is working properly. Of course, the majority of your servicing and repairs will need to be handled by licensed HVAC technicians. It is best if you have a reliable technician that you can repeatedly call on for professional services. With these appointments scheduled beforehand, you can make sure that everything is in basic working order. This usually prevents the need for serious appliance repair. Since the whole system is interconnected, failure of one small component can have a knock-on effect that could cause other components to malfunction over time. Here are the three most common component that you should have professionally serviced.

Checking Your Pressure Levels

And HVAC contractor should come once every couple years to check the pressure in levels in your gas and refrigerant lines. You obviously want to make sure that the furnace is receiving enough, but not too much, fuel to the burner. Otherwise, it could be very wasteful when it comes to the percentage of fuel that is converted to energy.

Compressor Servicing

You should also have your compressor professionally serviced. The compressor is inside air conditioning unit, and it is not something you can mess with yourself. When it comes to AC, the compressor uses the largest amount of electricity. It is largely responsible for converting the refrigerant to gas, so it is very important when it comes to the functionality of your air conditioner. Usually, if there is something seriously wrong with your compressor, the technician will simply replace it, because it is hard to actually repair the inside of a compressor. Most residential unit compressors cost less than $150, so the project is not too expensive.

Pilot Light

Another thing you should have checked is the pilot light. The pilot light that is inside the furnace is needs to be burning at all times. When this light goes out, the furnace burner will not ignite, and you will not be able to create heat. If you are always manually igniting your pilot light because it went out, it might simply need to be replaced, or the fuel line might need to be replaced .

These are three common HVAC repairs that technicians will be able to easily handle. For more information, contact companies like Gregory Heating and Air Conditioning.