The Comic Book Crossover, Plumber And HVAC Technician Style

Comic book collectors love certain comic book characters. Sometimes characters from other storylines "cross over" into the worlds of the characters the collectors love. If the collectors do not follow the stories in these other comic books, then the collectors have to collect the "crossover" volumes in order to understand what is happening in the storyline. Some people like crossovers, while others are utterly annoyed by it.

Oddly enough, there are certain careers where crossovers happen a lot. Take plumbing and HVAC, for example. Plumbing repair services frequently crossover into HVAC territory and vice versa. Here is the comic book crossover version of plumbing and HVAC repairs.

Oil and Gas Lines

Plumbers can install the pipelines for oil and gas, for which HVAC technicians use to connect fuel to furnaces. If something goes wrong with the oil and gas pipelines, you can call a plumber or HVAC technician to fix the lines. Most people automatically call an HVAC technician because the components are associated with heating, but you could just as easily hire a plumber to fix these lines as well.

Boilers and Water Heaters

Boilers and water heaters both use water and pipes to heat water for a specific purpose. HVAC technicians can repair these appliances because they are heat-related. Plumbers can repair these appliances because they are water-related and involve a lot of plumbing. Tankless water heaters are installed on a wall with your home plumbing, which means that they are included as something that both plumbers and HVAC technicians can fix.

Water Softeners 

Installing a water softener involves connecting several pipes to the water softener's two tanks. The main pipeline coming into your home connects to the softener tank, which then connects to your home's plumbing. Usually, an HVAC technician is the one who installs a water softener, but if you are having plumbing problems with the water softener, a plumber can fix them.

For the Most Part, Call the Professional Who Can Tend to the Repairs

While these two careers crossover a lot, you should try to call the professionals that most closely match with what you are trying to fix. If it is heating and cooling, call the HVAC technician. If it involves water and pipes, call a plumber. If you cannot get one over the other because you reside in a very small town, call the professional that can manage repairs on both types of home systems (i.e., plumbing or HVAC).