Thinking Of Ditching Your Furnace And Air Conditioner? A Commercial Geothermal Unit May Be Best For Your Business

As a commercial property owner, it may seem like you are always paying to repair, replace and upgrade systems throughout the building, but your heating and cooling systems may be costing you a fortune. It may be time to talk with a heating and cooling company about the commercial geothermal heating and cooling systems that are available, and how they can help your business run the HVAC needs at the lowest costs. Here are some reasons to consider this upgrade.

See a Return Quickly

Depending on how frequently you run the system, and how large the system is, you could see a return on the investment you made with the savings you have on your energy bills in just 5 years. The investment of the building won't just help you see a return on the utility bills, but this is also a structural improvement to the building that should add value to the commercial property. Investing in this system is a smart financial decision for the property.

Worry Less About Complications

There is only one unit to maintain if you are removing the air conditioner and the heater from the building and only using the geothermal heat pump. This means that you don't have to worry about maintaining, repairing, and replacing two different large commercial appliances for the property, and instead you only have one unit to have inspected. The new unit will also come with a warranty from the manufacturer.

Talk about Tax Rebates

As a large commercial property that uses a lot of energy, especially for heating and cooling, there should be tax rebate incentives for switching to an energy efficient geothermal unit to heat and cool your building. Find out how much of a rebate you can home to get from the unit that your purchase, and explore options on the city, state, and federal level.

If you are looking to get as efficient as you can, you may want to inquire about geothermal heating for hot water needs in your building. If you don't have a lot of faucets or hot water needs, this shouldn't be difficult to do. This could also earn you another rebate, and more energy savings throughout the year. The HVAC contractor can help you get the process started, and give you estimates for the geothermal heat pump that you want to have installed to help  improve your business and cut costs. Visit a site like for more help.