3 Pillars Of a Healthy HVAC System

Your air conditioner should be serviced once a year if you want it to be as functional and efficient as possible. It is made out of complicated electrical and gas-powered components that can wear down and become much less efficient over the years, even if there's nothing wrong with any of the parts. Even just a little bit of dust and dirt buildup along some of the most vital components in an HVAC system can be detrimental to the electrical efficiency and airflow. Here are three important components to service on a regular basis.


Compressor maintenance is very important. Compressors are one of the most commonly replaced components in an HVAC system. This is mainly due to the fact that they are not properly maintained or serviced. If your system is regularly serviced and your compressor is tuned up, you are bound to have fewer problems with it. The compressor is kind of like an engine in that it can become loud and less effective if it is not serviced by professionals and tuned up every year.


It is also important that you have your ducts clean once every two to three years. Clean ducts promote good airflow and better filtering. If your ducts are not clean, it can also affect the efficiency of your air conditioner because the circulation of air is truly circular. That is, air gets sucked back into the air conditioner. So, if the air is dirty, it is going to make your air conditioner get dirty too. Duct cleaning is affordable work. You can usually have an entire two-story home done for less than $200. This is also beneficial for people who have severe allergies because it can reduce pollen, mold, dust, and other allergen-causing debris in the air.


The last, but no less important, piece of regular HVAC maintenance is to make sure your air filters are replaced in time. Filters have expiration dates, and most should only be in your furnace for less than six months. If you are able to replace your filter in time, your furnace is going to be more efficient, and you're also going to have healthier air inside your home.

In the end, you shouldn't rely on your own personal knowledge of HVAC systems to diagnose problems. You often just need to call professionals and let them come to check out your system and make the necessary repairs so that you don't end up with irreversible damage to any of your components. Call a company such as High Tech Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.