HVAC Tips: Keep Your Customers Healthy During Flu Season

As a retailer or store owner, you may do all you can to keep your store healthy and clean, especially during flu season. Although the flu can strike anytime of the year, it tends to be worse between December and February. Some of your shoppers may visit your store sick. If the customers sneeze or cough on your products, they can inadvertently spread a flu virus to the rest of your shoppers. Here's more information about the flu and how you can keep it from striking your customers this season.

How Can the Flu Spread Throughout Your Store?

Many of the viruses that cause the flu spread by direct contact with an infected person's saliva, mucus, phlegm, and another bodily fluid. The bodily fluids can spread to others if someone coughs or sneezes on them inside the store. Customers can also pick up a virus if they touch a contaminated shopping cart, product, or door handle, then put their hands inside their eyes, mouth, or nose. 

Some types of flu viruses may linger in the air for long periods of time. If the particles or droplets enter your air ducts or ventilation system, they can spread from one area of the store to another. Customers who already have asthma, emphysema, or another respiratory condition may be at risk for additional health problems if they develop the flu. 

If you take the right steps, you can keep the flu from spreading in your store. 

How Do You Keep Your Customers Healthy?

One of the most important things you can do now is have your ventilation system cleaned by a commercial HVAC contractor. In addition, a contractor can install an air purification system in your building's HVAC system. The system removes all kinds of contaminants from the air, including viruses and bacteria.

If your store tends to be dry, a commercial HVAC contractor may place a humidifier in your building to improve the air quality. Some sources reveal that flu viruses become less active or dormant in humid environments. A contractor can discuss the best ways to improve your store's air quality when they consult with you.

You can also warn customers about the dangers of the flu. It's also crucial that you remind customers to wash their hands regularly, especially if they sneeze or cough. If possible, have someone come in every evening and clean your store. 

For more information on how to keep your store healthy during flu season, contact a heating and air conditioning specialist such as J. P. Griffin Inc. today.