What To Do If Your Air Conditioner Isn't Cooling Your Home

If you walk into your home this summer and your home doesn't feel quite as cool as it normally does, it could be a potential problem. Before you run out to purchase a new a/c system though, you may want to check a few things first. Read on for troubleshooting tips to help you get your house feeling cool again.

Thermostat Set To Cool?

Check your thermostat to be sure it is still set to cool. Someone could have changed it without you knowing it and changed it to the fan or even to heat mode by accident. If it isn't set to cool, make the adjustment so it's on cool again. If it's set to fan, then the fan will run and move around air in your home, but it's just moving around your indoor air. It's not heating or cooling your home. If the thermostat was set to cool and it still doesn't feel cool, take a look at the temperature to see if it's getting to the desired temperature and pay attention to how much it is turning on or off. If it's cycling over and over, it may be struggling to get to the temperature you have the thermostat set to. Try adjusting the temperature to see if this helps.

Air Filter Clean?

If the air filter isn't clean, it could cause an over-cycling of your air conditioner, and it can also cause a complete breakdown of your system. Be sure the air filter is clean and is changed often. This filter should be changed every other month in order to prevent a breakdown of your system. A dirty air filter can cause an issue with the flow of air to your system.

Condensing Unit Dirty?

If your condensing unit outside of your house is dirty, it can have the same result as a dirty air filter. It can lead to over-cycling or a complete breakdown. If your unit is dirty, you need to clean it. Spray down your unit with the garden hose to clean dirt and other yard debris that may be clogging the air flow to your system. Clean the unit throughout the summer season to ensure the system runs as it should.

If you are having issues with your air conditioner not cooling your home properly, try checking the above to troubleshoot the problem. If you still have an issue with your system not cooling your home properly, you may need to contact a professional ac repair technician for help.

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