3 Factors To Consider When You Need To Purchase A Window Air Conditioner

When it comes to keeping your home cool, sometimes you need a little extra cooling ability. A window air conditioner will help you cool off a space. Before you purchase a window air conditioning unit, however, there are a few things you need to consider.

The Cooling Capacity of the Unit

The first thing you need to do is look at the cooling capacity of the unit. The cooling capacity is measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs. This is how thermal energy is calculated. A certain number of BTUs are necessary to cool a specific amount of space. The larger the number of BTUs that the unit produces, the more space that the air conditioner can cool off. In order to get the right air conditioning unit, you need to know how much space that needs to be cooled.

To figure out the square footage of the area, you are going to want to multiply the length and width of the room to get the total square footage of the space. The square footage of the space will allow you to determine how many BTUs you need to cool off your space. There should be a chart on the side of all the units that lets you know how many BTUs the unit produces and how much square footage that will cool off. However, it is important to realize that the BTU and square footage measurements may not be perfect. It will take more BTUs to cool off a room with a tall ceiling or a room that gets a lot of sunlight.

The Electricity Requirements

Next, you need to consider what type of electrical requirements your air condition system will need. If you are getting a smaller air conditioning unit, you can just plug the air conditioner into a regular outlet. This will allow you to keep the space cool. If you get a really large air conditioning unit that runs on a 220-volt circuit, you need to have an electrician install a special outlet just for the air conditioner. You need to do this so you don't overload your electrical circuit.

The Installation Process

Finally, you need to consider the installation process for the air conditioning unit. With a window-mounted unit, you can mount the unit either directly within the window frame, or you can mount it directly to the wall. Think about the set-up of your home, and what is appropriate. If you are renting a home, then you probably want a unit that you can mount in the window. If you own the home, you can install a wall-mounted unit.

When it comes to purchasing a window air conditioning unit, you need to think about the size of the space you want to cool, what type of electrical outlet you need, and how the unit will be installed in your home. This will help you pick out the right unit for your particular needs. Remember, you can always call in a professional to mount and take care of your window air conditioning system. 

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