Common Problems That Can Go Wrong With Your Heating System

When it comes to your heating system, there are a number of issues that can make your system run less efficiently. Clogged air filters, leaking air ducts, and poor air flow can all make it harder for your furnace to keep your home warm when the weather is cold. Yearly maintenance should be done on your heating system before it needs to turn on all the time. You can reduce the number of times you call for an emergency repair when you take the time to have your system serviced. If you need to have your heating system replaced, your technician will be able to explain the reasons why to you when you they come to service your system.

You Don't Have Heating Fuel

Whether you rely on  gas or oil to heat your home, the system needs fuel in order to work properly. The first thing to check when you don't have any heat in your home is whether there is fuel for the furnace to work. In addition, make sure the circuit breaker for the furnace is working properly and hasn't tripped. If you can't figure out what the problem is, you'll need to contact heating repair services.

Leaking Air Ducts and System Efficiency

Leaking air ducts make it difficult for your heating system to moderate the temperature in your home. The system won't be efficient, and you can see your energy costs skyrocket. Pay attention to your monthly utility bills and check your air ducts for leaks. This can be done by walking along your ducts when the system is on and feel for a breeze.

Change Your Air Filters

A clogged air filter can cause your system to strain in order to heat up your home. If you aren't sure how to change your air filters, it's time to learn how. Your air filters should be changed monthly to keep your system efficient.

Other problems that can lead to a cold house in the winter include:

  • poor air circulation throughout the home, causing temperature extremes.
  • you need a new thermostat.
  • the furnace is old and needs to be replaced.
  • the pilot light is out or the ignition isn't working.

When you have heating system problems, get the help you need to keep your house warm. If you need a new system, a heating installation specialist can help you figure out what system will work best to replace your existing one.