An Overview Of Condensing Furnaces

If you are in the market for a new furnace, then you will probably come across various types of furnaces, including a condensing furnace. Below is an overview of condensing furnaces.

What They Are

A condensing furnace is a more efficient furnace than a conventional furnace. This is because the condensing furnace extracts heat from the hot exhaust gases instead of wasting the heat as the conventional furnace does. This effectively reduces the fuel consumption of a condensing furnace as compared to a conventional furnace.

How They Work

A conventional furnace has one heat exchanger that heats up the air to warm the house. However, the process is not completely efficient. Some of the heat escapes with the exhaust gases up the chimney.

A condensing furnace, on the other hand, has two heat exchangers. The second heat exchanger extracts heat from the exhaust gases that would otherwise be lost during venting. This extra heat exchanger makes the condensing furnace more efficient than a conventional heat exchanger.

The Major Components

The double heat exchange feature is not the only reason a condensing furnace is more energy efficient than a conventional furnace. A condensing furnace has some components that a conventional furnace doesn't necessarily have; these components enable its efficiency. Below are some of these components.

Multi-stage Burners

A conventional furnace has a burner that is either 'On' or 'Off.' A condensing furnace typically has a multi-stage burner that can produce a range of heat. The burner can be turned to high heat when a lot of heating is needed and turned to low heat if only a little heating is needed. This ensures that the burner only draws the fuel necessary to produce the needed heat. 

Variable-Capacity Blowers

A variable-capacity blower works much like a multi-stage burner. In this case, however, it is the air circulation that is being varied and not the heat production. The precise setting of air blowing from the furnace enables even heating at the right temperature, which also reduces energy consumption.

Sealed Combustion Chamber

Lastly, the condensing furnace also operates with a sealed combustion chamber. This provision means the combustion only utilizes air from outside the home for combustion, which is more efficient than other furnaces that use the air inside the home for combustion.

Talk to your heating technician for further information on condensing furnaces. That will help you make an informed decision on the option to choose for your furnace replacement.