Residential Air Conditioning Services And How To Avoid Major AC Mistakes

Do you need residential air conditioning services? If your AC is on the fritz more often than not or has a steady stream of unexpected issues, take a look at the top air conditioning mistakes homeowners make—and how to avoid them.

You Skip Annual Maintenance

While annual pre- or post-season service may not seem like it's always necessary, this is a step you can't skip. Even if you only use your air conditioner sparingly, over time it collects dirt, dust, and debris. This forces it to work harder, increasing both wear-related damage and the amount you'll pay in utility bills.

Beyond a professional-level deep-cleaning, annual service includes a system checkup. The HVAC technician will look for existing issues and repair them before they go from minor to major problems.

You Forget To Change The Filter

The weather's warm and your AC system kicks on daily. Even though it completely cools your home, it may not work as efficiently as you think it does. What would reduce efficiency? While there are plenty of reasons an AC system works harder than it should, a dirty air filter is one of the easiest issues to correct.

Not only does a dirty filter block the flow of air into your home, but it may also allow dusty or allergen-filled air to recirculate. If you haven't changed the filter in more than a month, replace it as soon as possible.

You Haven't Upgraded Your Thermostat

Is your AC system new? If you haven't upgraded the thermostat recently, your air conditioner's efficiency could suffer. Consider a new programmable or smart thermostat. These devices allow you to set the temperature in advance, moving it up and down to save the most money possible (on utility-related costs).

You Regularly Set The Thermostat Too Low

Whether you have a manual, programmable, or smart thermostat, you need to set it wisely—even in the mid-summer heat. If your home is comfortable, don't drop the temperature. This can also force your system to work harder and add to your home's overall energy costs.

You Let Too Much Sun In

The warm sun can raise your AC bills and cause excessive wear to your system. Close the curtains, pull down drapes, or use blackout blinds to reduce this type of unnecessary heating.

From getting routine residential AC services to making thermostat upgrades, you can take steps to avoid the most common types of air conditioning mistakes homeowners make.