How To Keep Your Furnace Clean So It Operates Safely And Efficiently

It's a good practice to have your furnace cleaned each year before you have to start running it every day to keep warm. Your warranty may even require an annual service call by a licensed furnace technician. Furnace cleaning is important because a dirty furnace can't work efficiently, and if your furnace is dirty enough, it is unsafe to operate and it may even break down. Here are some things you can do to keep your furnace clean.

Keep The Exterior Free Of Dust

Try to keep dust from being pulled inside the unit by eliminating dust near the furnace. Wipe down the furnace regularly and keep the space where your furnace is positioned free of dust. You can use a vacuum attachment to pull dust out of the vents on the furnace and out of register grilles. It may even help if you keep your home clean and free of as much dust as possible so the dust doesn't keep circulating through the air.

Use The Right Filter And Keep It Clean

The filter on your furnace keeps a lot of dust from getting inside. Instead, the dust builds up on the filter. If too much dust accumulates, then more dust finds its way inside and the harder your furnace struggles to pull in air. Changing the filter on schedule is important for your furnace. Using the right filter is important too, because you don't want a high-efficiency filter if your furnace isn't designed to work with one.

Have The Furnace Cleaned By A Professional

Cleaning the internal parts of your furnace is even more important than cleaning the outside. Internal parts can become coated with dust and get gummed up. This might cause your furnace to malfunction and shut down. Two important areas to clean are the blower system and ignition system. The furnace technician has to pull parts out of the furnace to clean them, which is one reason this is a job for a professional. Some of the parts are fragile and can be damaged if not handled properly.

The blower system consists of the fan and motor. If the blades on the fan become coated with dust, the fan can't blow enough air through the heating system to warm your house. A dirty fan puts a strain on the motor and causes it to overheat. Replacing the motor could be expensive, and you can avoid damaging it by keeping the blower fan and motor clean.

When you have a gas furnace, the ignition area gets dirty from soot as well as dust. Soot can keep the furnace from igniting properly and running efficiently. Dirty burners can cause your furnace to shut down. Keeping the ignition and combustion areas of your furnace clean is important since this is where carbon monoxide is created, and nothing should interfere with venting it out of your house safely.

To keep your furnace in great condition, contact a furnace cleaning service in your area.