How To Prepare Your Furnace For A Summer Of Dormancy

With temperatures on the rise, there's a good chance you won't be using your furnace for quite a while. However, putting your furnace in hibernation involves more than just changing your thermostat settings. There are plenty of other things you can do to ensure your furnace remains in great shape, even when it's not being used. Remember to Change the Air Filter Now that you're switching over to cooling your home, right now is a good time to check and change your air filter.

How Can You Reduce Your Business's Reliance On The Energy Grid?

If you own a manufacturing facility that generates enough of its own heat to minimize your use of the furnace during fall and winter months, you may dread the electricity bills you'll face during spring and summer when attempting to cool your facility to a habitable temperature. Even worse can be calls from shift supervisors informing you that one or more of your employees has been transported to the hospital for heat stroke treatment.

The 411 On High Humidity Levels In Your Home

Due to the different systems that are necessary for the construction and function of your home, maintenance can be overwhelming. From removing clogs in your drains to regularly cleaning out your dryer vent, these tasks are essential to protect your house. Unfortunately, you may not be placing enough time and energy into your home's indoor air quality and humidity levels. Since your home's heating and air conditioning plays a key role in indoor air quality and humidity, proper understanding of this system is smart.

Renting Your Guest House Out? Save On Energy Costs This Summer!

Renting your guest house out as a summer vacation rental is an effective way to create a passive income that allows you to work less and spend more of the season enjoying yourself with family and friends. You'll likely find that your energy costs go up while guests are staying in the rental during the warm months, which can decrease your profit margins when all is said and done. You can always increase your rental rates to help make up for the extra energy expenses you incur during each occupancy, but this can inhibit your ability to effectively compete with other guest house rental options that are available in your area.

4 Advantages Of Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heating is one of the newest home heating options available, but it is quickly growing in popularity due to a number of advantages compared to conventional forced-air heating. Here are four reasons you should consider radiant heating for your home. More Comfortable Heat One of the biggest problems of forced-air heating is that the warm air quickly rises to the ceiling after it enters a room. Not only does this mean that a lot of heat is concentrated in an area of the room where it can't be felt, but also you will notice an uncomfortable drop in temperature as soon as the heat is turned off and air stops circulating.