Air Conditioning Maintenance Tasks You Can Do Yourself

While having your air conditioner professional maintained once a year or so is the most effective way to keep it in good condition as time goes on, there are a few maintenance tasks you can complete yourself that should help you save a little money on maintenance costs throughout the years. Try one or more of the following ideas: Service or Replace the Filters One of the easiest maintenance tasks to complete yet also one of the most overlooked by homeowners, is servicing or replacing the HVAC air filters.

Care For Your Air Conditioning Unit Before Winter Arrives And Before Spring Comes Back

Before you shut down your air conditioning system and start running the heat for your HVAC unit, there are some things you need to do first. The same is also true before you start up the air conditioner in the spring. Below is more information about this so you can make sure your unit will work well to keep your home heated and cooled: Before Winter Contact an HVAC technician to come to your home and maintain your HVAC unit before you turn the heat on.

What To Do When Your Heating And Cooling System Is Acting Up

So the weather is terrible and, of course, your heating or cooling unit has stopped working.  Heating and cooling issues are unfortunate but normal.  Before you panic and start calculating the cost of a new unit, follow these simple steps to troubleshoot your problem: Check Your Refrigerant A common problem that happens with A/C units is that the air stops coming out cool.  In July, this might cause you to some serious stress.

Tankless Water Heaters: The Pitfalls Of Hot Water On Demand

Boasting efficiency that is hard to match and a sleek design, it is no wonder that many homeowners are flocking to home improvement centers to pick up their very own tankless hot water heater. While it is definitely obvious that these newfangled solutions for hot water in the home have their advantages, they also have their downfalls compared to the traditional tanked designs. If you are planning to make an upgrade to your home that involves a new on-demand water heater, it is worth the time to get to know all the facts so you don't end up surprised or disappointed with the end result.

Three Things That May Make Your Dishwasher Malfunction

A dishwasher can be a convenient timesaver, especially for large families and when you have a lot of visitors. But if the dishwasher isn't draining properly or cleaning the dishes thoroughly, it can be more trouble than it is worth. Here are a few common things that can frequently go wrong with your dishwasher. The Door Won't Latch A well-used dishwasher often has its latch break once it gets older. Sometimes, it is just that the latch has worn down, but the problem can also be electrical.